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2Change-ERP has a wide experience with ERP systems such as C5, economic, Uniconta and Dynamics NAV.

C5 is discontinued, however, in the following you can see our offerings and recommendations on which type of ERP system that best suits your company.

Available options

Economic is the best choice for companies that primarily need a system to handle accounting, invoicing, payments, and prospect control.
Economic is the most intuitive system which can be set up quite easily with free support from economic or even without consultancy.
There are lots of add-on solutions to economic, which also makes it a great choice if you are able to find an add-on suiting your business and fulfilling your requirements.
However, if you are searching for inventory control, planning and procurement, flexible pricing and statistics, you should be considering Uniconta or NAV.
Economic is less expensive to implement. The montly rent is on the same level as Uniconta but lower than NAV.
Economic is only offered and supported in Denmark.


Uniconta is the most recent ERP system on the market and also the system that experiences most continuous development.
Uniconta’s strength is that it offers a wide range of functionality and room for personal adjustments at a low monthly charge similar to economic. The options of analysing statistics are considerable better in Uniconta than economic and NAV. The system is even delivered with a free Dashboard/BI module. Every employees contribution will be higher with Uniconta. Not only because of the personal adjustment options, but also because the system allows displays open at the same time. It even organises these displays in relation to each other and their use.

Uniconta is suitable for all type of companies but is favourable in trade and manufacturing companies plus service companies.
Uniconta is, from a functionality and user interface perspective, the closests system to the discontinued C5.
Uniconta is slightly more expensive to implement compared to economic. However, it is considerably cheaper than NAV.
Uniconta offers 30 different languages and is offered in a large number of countries.

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