1. Dialogue

It all begins with a dialogue about your demands, needs, goals and values.

First of all, we need to start a conversation. We need to get information about your company, its culture, internal working patterns and future goals. Throughout our conversation, we get input to secure the quality of our work. These input are put into perspective to make a match between your goals and needs and our wide experience in ERP systems. We have more than 25 years of experience in ERP systems and know how to solve your problems the best way possible.


2. Options

After completing a very thorough dialogue, we present the options that suits your company best.

There are numerous companies who, on the surface, look similar. However, this shows most likely not to be true. Various different conditions makes every company different and therefore, it is often important to shape individual solutions suiting each company. By personalizing our solutions, we get the best results. At this stage, we present the solutions that we believe suits your company best. Our solutions are based on our introdoctury dialogue, which ultimately gives you are solid foundation on which you choose the solution you prefer.

Training and implementing

3. Training and Implementing

No companies are alike. Neither is their road to success.

Two companies may be represented in the same field of business but they are organized differently. We take that difference into consideration when shaping our solution and implementation. Some companies are very independent and need less help than others, and we support them whenever it is needed. It is very likely that these companies are up and running with less than 10 hours of support. Other companies prefer a structured and thorough presentation about the systems mechanisms. We are more than happy to help with everything such as data conversion from your old system, installation, training, adjustment of transcripts, implementation and more.


4. Success

The solutions are implemented and everything is up and running.

Even though everything is running as plannes, chances are that questions arise. New business opportunities and routines gives new needs. Therefore, we are more than happy to support you and make sure everything is running satisfactory.

Start the process with a dialogue!

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