More than 20 years of experience in ERP systems for manufacturing

At 2Change-ERP we have more than 20 years of experience with manufacturing management and we know what manufacturing companies demand from these systems. Our expertise derives from implementing ERP-systems and full production management solutions in more than 120 companies. UniGantt is based on those experiences.


Disruption in planning and shop floor control 
– Suitable for Uniconta

Unigantt is a professional manufacturing management system with fully integrated web-based job control. The system includes elements such as manufacturing planning and pre/post cost accounting. Your benefits with Unigantt:

Stronger delivery performance Yes check.svg

Increased productivity Yes check.svg

More sound economy Yes check.svg

At 2Change-ERP we develop professional planning and shop floor control systems for Uniconta. Easy and simple to use, with all necessary functionality and at modest price. Unigantt and Uniconta is true disruption. 

Uniconta manufacturing
This video introduces you to Uniconta BOM’s, routings, manufacturing orders, material resupply and costing.

UniGantt Planning
Take a tour in UniGantt Planning. Watch how to easily plan orders, how to simulate better planning and how the Gantt chart works.

UniGantt Shop Floor Control
Watch how the staff in the shop floor can participate in improving planning and flow. See the integrated quality control and document handling, and how employes report in use of time and materials.