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More than 20 years of experience with manufacturing management

At 2Change-ERP we have more than 20 years of experience with manufacturing management and we know what manufacturing companies demand from these systems. Our expertise derives from implementing ERP-systems and full production management solutions in more than 120 companies. UniGantt is based on these experiences.


Suitable for Uniconta

Unigantt is a professional manufacturing management system with fully integrated web-based job control. The system includes elements such as manufacturing planning and pre/post cost accounting. Your benefits with Unigantt:

Enhanced delivery performance Yes check.svg

Increased productivity Yes check.svg

More sound economy Yes check.svg

With manufacturing management, it takes no time to inform your customers about when they can collect their goods from the desired delivery point. Planning is both available with limited and unlimited capacity and you can freely simulate the process of expediting a placed order on expense of another customer’s order. You will get a strong tool to secure customer delivery dates and to prioritize which orders that should be delivered first.

The web-based job control enables the manufacturing employees to see their daily tasks. The system displays their jobs in a self-preset order but they can also personalize the order in a way that suits them best. The operatives become much more independent and contribute to increasing the overall productivity and delivery performance.

Transactions are automatically logged based on the registered material and time consumed. You will get more control on your cost of producing goods and this knowledge makes you able to make more profitable offers.

Unigantt offers professional manufacturing management on similar level as the more expensive systems. The price is more than 50 % less expensive compared to these systems, and it is much easier to use. Unigantt is developed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing management in more than 100 Danish production companies in a variety of different industries.

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